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In the emerging global economy, e-commerce and e-business have increasingly become a necessary component of business strategy and a strong catalyst for economic development. The integration of information and communications technology (ICT) in business has revolutionized relationships within organizations and those between and among organizations and individuals. Specifically, the use of ICT in business has enhanced productivity, encouraged greater customer participation, and enabled mass customization, besides reducing costs.

With developments in the Internet and Web-based technologies, distinctions between traditional markets and the global electronic marketplace-such as business capital size, among others-are gradually being narrowed down. The name of the game is strategic positioning, the ability of a company to determine emerging opportunities and utilize the necessary human capital skills (such as intellectual resources) to make the most of these opportunities through an e-business strategy that is simple, workable and practicable within the context of a global information milieu and new economic environment.

We provide world-class solutions, while sustaining continuous profitable growth with well-motivated and competent people, and a unified company culture. We provide advisory services to companies that want to address the challenges of the new economy. Strong relationships within this network group of business areas extend Shawamel Technology is knowledge of emerging business models and products, enabling the company to provide its clients with the best possible tools, technologies and capabilities. Our broad geographic reach, scalability, and immense talent pool enable us to reliably serve customer needs at the enterprise level that drive business values. Company has evolved innovative and proven business models that address the range of requirements of our customers. New technological strengths are nurtured and domain expertise substantially enlarged. We work on collaborative technologies, to provide scalable and robust solutions in real world application development.

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