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At Shawamel Technology, our approach to Software Development and Maintenance is an extensive set of processes and practice guidance that drives our employees toward continuous process improvement, for more reliable and higher-quality delivery of Internet products and services to our customers. In addition, Shawamel Technology's Common Approach incorporates implementation and tailoring guidance facilitating our close relationships with our clients. It comprises written documentation and courseware on software policy and processes for:
•Configuration Management
•Development & Project Management
•Quality Assurance
•Deployment and Maintenance

Our philosophy and dedication allows us to deliver value-driven software solutions characterized by:
•High quality with less defects or no defects
•Predictable schedules and price with less re-work and more re-use
•Qualified software engineers that possess the appropriate skill mix for the task.

We offer our CLIENTS the right ingredients - "best practices" approach founded upon leading industry standards - the right mix of skilled engineers and business analysts - and the technology know-how.

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