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E-HRD PROGRAMME has developed a comprehensive screening system that ensures the short-listing of only the most eligible candidates. The candidates are thoroughly screened for physical and mental fitness, their personality profiled, their skill sets evaluated and their knowledge about the job function validated. Character or reference checks are carried out independently and testimonials verified for authenticity. The candidates are briefed about the prospective employer, the job description, the hierarchy, the culture and ethos of the Organization and overall expectations from the incumbent. This facilitates the prospective employer and the applicant to have a meaningful discussion and arrive at a conclusion, maybe in just one meeting.

E-HRD PROGRAMME assists organizations in recruiting executives at all levels of IT Professionals. The assignments could be one-time specific or need-based. Large organizations may prefer to engage E-HRD PROGRAMME as a retainer for recruitments round-the-year. E-HRD PROGRAMME carries out IT Professionals Search for Saudi and Overseas companies based on an appropriate authorization from the client.


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